Adidas is Now Frzy’s Official Footwear Provider

Welcome to the team, Adidas!  The major sportswear brand is now officially the certified footwear provider of Frzy.  Be on the lookout for a major campaign soon from Frzy and his new kicks.  Frzy and his team are extremely excited to have the international apparel company on board, with many exciting things still to... read more

First Full Length Album Announced: “God King Slave”

It has been officially announced that FRZY will be releasing his first full length album, titled ” God King Slave.”  This album is said to be without question the best work of his career.  According to reps from Mogul Moves Inc, “God King Slave” is thought provoking, fun, energetic and lyrically rich.  More information will be released over the next few days regarding its release date and upcoming singles that will be released ahead of the album.   The cover of the album is controversially artistic and richly graphic.  The cover art photography was shot by Kristopher Toy of Toy Camera Productions, and the special cosmetic effects were by Elizabeth Heyl.     “God King Slave” will be FRZY’s first full length studio project, and it will be released digitally and in... read more

Frzy Radio is Now Available on Pandora

Starting today, Pandora will offer a FRZY Radio station on the Pandora app and website.  Listen to FRZY’s track ‘It’s Just Business’ and many more, plus songs from your favorite artists like Jay-Z, 50 cent, Troy Ave and more on this new Pandora station.  Stream it from your app or computer.  Either way, just type in ‘FRZY’ and enjoy!   Pandora is celebrating 10 years of amazing radio, so to celebrate you can listen to FRZY Radio and your other favorite stations Ad Free.  Don’t just make moves, make Mogul... read more

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